Presents and Trinkets is a lovely category packed with goodies! The party giant is known for its love of parties and, of course, small gifts and other small things to put in, for example, the party bag or Advent calendar.

Here you’ll find our popular mugs with all kinds of text on them, in a variety of lovely colors. The mugs are perfect for Mother’s Day, Christmas or just as a little surprise for a loved one. The mugs are sturdy and allow you to drink your favorite beverage from your new favorite mug.

You’ll also find a variety of small items that are perfect to put in the party bag for the fishing pond or treasure hunt. Put them in your Easter egg or Advent calendar. Fill the pinafore for a party or give it to the kids at trick-or-treating on Halloween. You’ll find everything from little fidget things and fun pens to useful key rings and cool slime. Quickly and easily buy all the little things you need for your next big project!

Your imagination is the only limit to your reasons for giving a small gift. Sometimes you don’t need a reason other than to show your appreciation. Make someone happy with a small gift!

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