We love music and instruments
All children love music and it is especially fun to create music on your own with instruments for children! Trying to play new and old songs and exploring new sounds and tones at their own pace is exciting and great fun for your child.

At Festgiganten we believe that music is important for children’s development and we have several wonderful instruments for children! We have piano, guitar, trumpet adapted for different ages.

We also have cuddly animals that play rhythmic music and help your child dance like the dancing cactus, the peekaboo elephant, the peekaboo rabbit.
Why is music good for your child’s development?
More and more studies show amazing benefits and developmental opportunities music brings to your child! Young children have an extra sensitivity to stimuli, especially music rhythms. When your child plays music and learns songs, they focus on different sounds and tones, which improves concentration, attention and memory.

Music also helps children learn new words and sounds, which develops your child’s language learning and communication skills. Music also helps to promote your child’s social skills as music can lead to play and interaction with others. Other benefits include developing your child’s body’s coordination when dancing and promoting imagination and creativity.

Music simply makes your child happy, relaxed, brings joy, encourages activities and develops your child in many different ways. So don’t hesitate to bring more music into your child’s life with our wonderful instruments for children!